2024 South East PA Timing Attack Staff Credits

Rock P
2 min readFeb 6, 2024


Group photo! Photo credit Sydia on Flickr — https://flic.kr/p/2pwoBYW

For my final time to cap off a nine-month stint of organizing, participating, volunteering, and running seven rhythm game tournaments and entire events:

The success of any rhythm game event at scale is made possible by the direct and indirect efforts of a team of people, with each person contributing their time and effort in a unique way to make it happen.

I had the honor and privilege on Saturday, February 3rd, to run my second organized in-person rhythm game event (this time a four-game multi-tournament) attended by some 80 attendees and volunteers from 10 states.

This post is not a full-on retrospective. I have many things I want to write and say, but I’ll save such thoughts for future posts. For now, I’d like to list everyone that made this event happen in some meaningful way.

(Note 1: for staff members who still made substantial contributions to the development and preparation of the event but were unable to participate in the full duration of the planning process, a “fmr.” (“former”) title will be appended to their name.)

(Note 2: Staff members will be listed in alphabetical order by handle along with their contributing role.)

Tournament Organizers

  • Alb1re0, Supporting TO, SDVX
  • EpikWaffle, Supporting TO, PIU
  • Fresca, Lead TO, IIDX
  • Jepetski, Lead TO, SDVX
  • Mintypuffs, Supporting TO, IIDX
  • Princess_Mint, Supporting TO, SDVX (fmr.)
  • Valgrind, Supporting TO, DDR
  • Vv, Lead TO, DDR
  • TUSA, Supporting TO, PIU
  • Warpdrive, Supporting TO, DDR
  • Yahooeny, Supporting TO, IIDX
  • Zenkom, Supporting TO, IIDX
  • Ziggurath8, Lead TO, PIU

Media and Recording Production

  • Alb1re0, Production Support, SDVX
  • Boing, Production Lead, DDR
  • Fresca, Production Lead, IIDX
  • Jepetski, Production Lead, SDVX
  • SDVXBOT, Production Support and Consulting, SDVX
  • Sydia, Event Photography
  • Wag, Production Support and Consulting, DDR
  • Yahooeny, Production Support, IIDX


  • RGTM, Lanyard and Badge Design
  • Valgrind, Event Logo and Consulting
  • Windfall, Consulting

Event Organization

  • Kitsunny (fmr.)
  • RGTM
  • Rocopltx

Special Thanks

  • 17th_Sirius
  • Administrators of the PA Rhythm Gaming Discord server (LFK, Mistafoo, popplio, rilegoat)
  • Andamiro and the Pump it Up Team
  • customlanyard.net
  • ddrcommunity.com
  • dimo and members of the Dance Game Community Tournament Organizers (DGC TO) Discord server
  • Konami and the Bemani Sound Team
  • ranatalus
  • Round1 Exton General Manager Jay
  • Round1 Exton technician Mike
  • Round1 Exton technician Tyler
  • start.gg
  • unionmadestickers.com
A thank-you card signed by SEPTA attendees for the Round1 Exton staff.

… and you, for coming, and for playing!



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